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Non-Default Namespaces

Learn how to deploy to a non-default namespace for easier admin management.

Often, production deploys of Pachyderm involve deploying Pachyderm to a non-default namespace. This helps administrators of the cluster more easily manage Pachyderm components alongside other things that might be running inside of Kubernetes (DataDog, TensorFlow Serving, etc.).

  • To deploy Pachyderm to a non-default namespace, you need to add the -n or --namespace flag when deploying. If the namespace does not already exist, you can have Helm create it with --create-namespace.

    helm install <args> --namespace pachyderm --create-namespace
  • To talk to your Pachyderm cluster:

    • You can either modify an existing pachctl context

      pachctl config update context --namespace pachyderm
    • or import one from Kubernetes: