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Key Features

Learn about the key features and benefits of our powerful data processing platform.

Key Features and Benefits #

The following are the key features of Pachyderm that make it a powerful data processing platform.

Data-driven Pipelines #

  • Automatically trigger pipelines based on changes in the data.
  • Orchestrate batch or real-time data pipelines.
  • Only process dependent changes in the data.
  • Reproducibility and data lineage across all pipelines.

Version Control #

  • Track every change to your data automatically.
  • Works with any file type.
  • Supports collaboration through a git-like structure of commits.

Autoscaling and Deduplication #

  • Autoscale jobs based on resource demand.
  • Automatically parallelize large data sets.
  • Automatically deduplicate data across repositories.

Flexibility and Infrastructure Agnosticism #

  • Use existing cloud or on-premises infrastructure.
  • Process any data type, size, or scale in batch or real-time pipelines.
  • Container-native architecture allows for developer autonomy.
  • Integrates with existing tools and services, including CI/CD, logging, authentication, and data APIs.