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Language Clients

Learn about our available language clients.

pachctl is the command-line tool you use to interact with a Pachyderm cluster in your terminal. However, external applications might need to interact with Pachyderm directly through our APIs.

In this case, Pachyderm offers language specific SDKs in Go and Python.

Go Client #

The Pachyderm team officially supports the Go client. It implements most of the functionalities provided with the pachctl CLI tool.

Generate And Serve The godocs Locally #

Golang’s package (godoc), installed by default by the Go installer, can generate the Go client’s documentation from the go code.

To generate the docs:

  • Set your GOPATH:

    export PATH=$(go env GOPATH)/bin:$PATH
  • In Pachyderm’s root directory, start the godocs server:

    go run -http=:6060 -goroot="<your go root directory - for example: /Users/yourusername/pachyderm>"

    See for the complete list of flags available.

  • In your favorite browser, run localhost:6060/pkg/


A compatible version of gRPC is needed when using the Go client. You can identify the compatible version by searching for the version number next to replace => in then:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
git checkout v1.29.1

Running Go Examples #

The Pachyderm godocs reference (see generation instructions above) provides examples of how you can use the Go client API. You need to have a running Pachyderm cluster to run these examples.

Make sure that you use your pachd_address in client.NewFromAddress("<your-pachd-address>:30650"). For example, if you are testing on minikube, run minikube ip to get this information.

See the OpenCV Example in Go for more information.

Python Clients #

Pachyderm-SDK (New) #

The Python client pachyderm-sdk is the new Python client for Pachyderm and is officially supported by the Pachyderm team.

Python-Pachyderm (Old) #


The Python client python-pachyderm will be deprecated in 9 months as of 08/10/2023.


Use python-pachyderm v7.3 with Pachyderm 2.9.x.

You will find all you need to get you started or dive into the details of the available modules and functions in the API documentation, namely:

Node Client #

Our Javascript client node-pachyderm has been deprecated.

Other languages #

Pachyderm uses a simple protocol buffer API. Protobufs support other languages, any of which can be used to programmatically use Pachyderm. We have not built clients for them yet. It is an easy way to contribute to Pachyderm if you are looking to get involved.