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Register a Cluster via Helm

Learn how to register a pachd cluster to your Enterprise Server using Helm.

Before You Start #

  • You must have an Enterprise license key
  • You must have the Pachyderm Helm repo downloaded.

How to Register a Cluster #

  1. Open your Helm values.yml file.
  2. Update the pachd section with the following attributes:
  activateEnterpriseMember: true
	enterpriseServerAddress: "grpc://<ENTERPRISE_SERVER_ADDRESS>"
	enterpriseCallbackAddress: "grpc://<PACHD_ADDRESS>"
	enterpriseServerToken: "<ENTERPRISE-SERVER-TOKEN>" # the same root token of the enterprise cluster
# Alternatively, use a secret
enterpriseServerTokenSecretName: "<Name of you secret containing enterpriseServerToken>" 
  1. Upgrade the cluster:
helm upgrade pachyderm pachyderm/pachyderm -f values.yml