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Authentication & IdP Connectors

Learn how to enable users to access a cluster using their preferred identity provider.

Pachyderm has an embedded Open ID Connect based on Dex, allowing for vendor-neutral authentication using your existing credentials from various back-ends. You can enable users to authenticate to a Pachyderm cluster using their favorite Identity Providers by following the articles in this section.

When you enable authentication, you gain access to Pachyderm’s authorization features. You can use Pachyderm’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model to configure authorization for your users and assign roles that grant certain permissions for interacting with Pachyderm’s resources.

Useful Auth PachCTL Commands #

pachctl auth loginLogs in to the cluster
pachctl auth logoutLogs out of the cluster
pachctl auth whoamiReturns the current user’s username
pachctl auth get-groupsReturns the current user’s groups
pachctl auth get-configReturns the instance’s current auth configuration
pachctl auth get clusterReturns the role bindings for the cluster
pachctl auth get project <project-name>Returns the role bindings for a project
pachctl auth get repo <repo-name>Returns the role bindings for a repo