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PostgreSQL Subchart HCVs

Use the bundled version of PostgreSQL (metadata storage) for testing on your personal machine.

About #

The PostgresQL section controls the Bitnami PostgreSQL subchart. Pachyderm runs on Kubernetes, is backed by an object store of your choice, and comes with a bundled version of PostgreSQL (metadata storage) by default.

We recommended disabling this bundled PostgreSQL and using a managed database instance (such as RDS, CloudSQL, or PostgreSQL Server) for production environments.

See storage class details for your provider:

  • AWS | Min: 500Gi (GP2) / 1,500 IOP
  • GCP | Min: 50Gi / 1,500 IOPS
  • Azure | Min: 256Gi / 1,100 IOPS

Values #

The following section contains a series of tabs for commonly used configurations for this section of your values.yml Helm chart.