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PGBouncer HCVs

Deploy a lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL.

About #

The PGBouncer section configures a PGBouncer Postgres connection pooler.

Values #

The following section contains a series of tabs for commonly used configurations for this section of your values.yml Helm chart.

    type: ClusterIP # defines the Kubernetes service type.
  annotations: {}
  priorityClassName: ""
  nodeSelector: {}
  tolerations: []
    repository: pachyderm/pgbouncer
    tag: 1.16.1-debian-10-r82
  resources: # defines resources in standard kubernetes format; unset by default.

    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"
    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"

  maxConnections: 10000 # defines the maximum number of concurrent connections into pgbouncer.
  defaultPoolSize: 80 # specifies the maximum number of concurrent connections from pgbouncer to the postgresql database.