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Configure your ETCD key-value storage cluster.

About #

The ETCD section configures the ETCD cluster in the deployment.

Values #

The following section contains a series of tabs for commonly used configurations for this section of your values.yml Helm chart.

  affinity: {}
  annotations: {}
  dynamicNodes: 1 # sets the number of nodes in the etcd StatefulSet;  analogous to the --dynamic-etcd-nodes argument to pachctl
    repository: "pachyderm/etcd"
    tag: "v3.5.1"
    pullPolicy: "IfNotPresent"
  maxTxnOps: 10000 # sets the --max-txn-ops in the container args
  priorityClassName: ""
  nodeSelector: {}
  podLabels: {} # specifies labels to add to the etcd pod.
  resources: # specifies the resource request and limits

    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"
    #  cpu: "1"
    #  memory: "2G"

  storageClass: "" #  defines what existing storage class to use; analogous to --etcd-storage-class argument to pachctl 
  storageSize: 10Gi # specifies the size of the volume to use for etcd.
    annotations: {} # specifies annotations to add to the etcd service.
    labels: {} # specifies labels to add to the etcd service.
    type: ClusterIP # specifies the Kubernetes type of the etcd service.
  tolerations: []