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Learn how to view the status of your projects and their jobs from a single dashboard in the Console UI.

You can quickly tab between projects to get a high-level view of the status of its jobs from Console’s main dashboard.

How to View Project Statuses From the Dashboard #

  1. Open Console.
  2. Select the project you want to view.
  3. View the Project Preview column to get an update on the last 10 jobs that ran in the project.
  4. Select a Job to view a breakdown of its subjobs, which includes details like:
    • ID: Subjob ID
    • Pipeline: The pipeline name and version number
    • Datums Processed: The number of datums processed and skipped
    • Started: When the job started
    • Duration: How long the job ran in seconds
    • D/L: The total amount of data downloaded
    • U/L: The total amount of data uploaded
    • Restarts: The number of times the job restarted

project dashboard