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Learn how to troubleshoot the JupyterLab Mount Extension.

In general, restarting your server should resolve most JupyterLab Mount Extension issues. To restart your server, run the following command from the terminal window in Jupyterlab:

pkill -f "mount-server"

The server restarts by itself.

Known Issues #

M1 Users With Docker Desktop < 4.6 #

A documented issue between qemu and Docker Desktop prevents you from running our pre-built Mount Extension Image in Docker Desktop.

We recommend the following:

  • Use Podman (See installation instructions)
brew install podman
podman machine init --disk-size 50
podman machine start
podman machine ssh
sudo rpm-ostree install qemu-user-static && sudo systemctl reboot THEN

then replace the keyword docker with podman in all the commands above.

  • Or make sure that your qemu version is > 6.2